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Change Your Perspective Overview

Do you want to change, but think you’re too old or too young? Do you want someone else to change, so you can be happier? Want to change the plight of your future? All of these start by changing your perspective. They all begin with you.

I have a theory. And, it’s probably not an original concept. My theory is that ‘smart’ people are people that are able to understand multiple perspectives about any situation. What makes a person ‘smart’ to someone else often entails the idea that the person sharing the ‘new’ perspective on an issue, actually helped broaden the listeners perspective. Smart people tend to find solutions often — because they embrace the challenge to see multiple ways to a solution. And, smart people tend to be called ‘out of the box’ thinkers, because they are willing to make a right turn when everyone else goes left. Maybe they notice patterns quickly. Or, maybe they do not discard the rationale of a person who thinks differently than they do — they learn from that difference. And often, when someone is able to present multiple perspectives on an issue, they are able to avoid having ‘tunnel vision’ and being caught in undesirable situations, relationships, careers, etc. In many cases, because of the techniques I will share in this book, I have learned to get out of dead end jobs, unproductive relationships, and even resolved conflicts because I shifted my perspective in the middle of some of those most difficult moments. In turn, they took me down a better path with more clarity and grace. If you feel stuck in one view of your situation, I offer you the change to embrace the challenges that the Perspective workbook will give you. Please open yourself to every single word. May I have permission to offer you change? If so, let’s get started. Every chapter will provide you with a word, a mind-altering definition, a defining story and an action step. If you do not want to change, this may not be the book for you.


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Shawn's Bio

Shawn Best is based in New York City and serves to provide leadership development training and material for businesses and colleges around the country.  This book Change Your Perspective is the result of such workshops conceptualized back in 2014.  Best currently serves as the University Associate Director of the largest student initiative, the Black Male Initiative, at the City University of New York, providing mentorship and academic support to primarily Black and Latino male students in New York City.

Best received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont in May, 2000. He received his Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration from New York University in May, 2004. And, he is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Northeastern University.  Best’s journey to his current career was paved with mentorship from Mike Nisbett, Douglas Samuels and Allen McFarlane.

Best also founded Wright Best Consulting Group in 2017 along with his business partner, Dr. Jermaine Wright.  Wright Best Consulting Group is a trusted organizational effectiveness consulting firm advising clients within the higher education, nonprofit, and government sectors to achieve their vision of excellence.  Learn more at

Best also enjoys performing as a drummer and guitarist around New York City and the country.  He also loves personal training and participating in basketball and football whenever possible.  He writes often in a blog titled "On Everything" ( and speaks at colleges around the country to inspire staff, faculty and students to ‘Be Your Best’ through his company, Best Solutions NYC which was founded in 2014.  With over 20 years of higher education experience, Best is an excellent communicator and creative problem solver with a unique skill of finding the best solutions to organizational problems. Once deployed, Best has an assertive commitment to follow through on implementation and accountability. With nationally recognized leadership skills, and over 200+ speaking engagements around the country, he works well within communities that embrace diverse perspectives and positive change.

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